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    1750 Monroe Blvd, Ogden, UT 84401

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    Our Gardens

    Whether it's to take a nice stroll or become educated on a specific plant or way of gardening, the Ogden Botanical Gardens provide colorful blooms and features including water-wise varieties, an arboretum and memorial gardens.

    Entryway Garden

    Five large pergolas surround a stone planter that is the new welcoming room into the garden. A water feature soothes the soul as one enters and hears, sees, smells and feels the garden. 


    Collections Garden

    Throughout the garden are many specimen trees and shrubs. Three beautiful Yellowwoods draw you into the garden where you will find a limber pine, Rosehill ash, Tartarian maples, and a Zelkova which adds to the delightful wealth of information for those seeking ideas on which trees to plant for their own landscapes. It is also home to a large collection of irises and summer blooming perennials. Located in the center of this garden is an alpine garden filled with plants that one might find in any alpine area in Northern Utah.


    Oriental Garden

    A Japanese garden adorns the east side of the Education Building. It is a very popular place to take wedding and family pictures. An attractive wooden bridge crosses a dry river bed running through the area which features ground covers, Japanese maples, a pagoda and other plants common to oriental gardens. There are wooden walkways, stones, niwaki plants, and a tea hut.


    Terrace Native Plant Garden

    Established in the fall of 2008, this garden features many native plants which can be enjoyed while sitting in the shade of a large plum and several rocky mountain maples.

    Cottage Garden

    The entryway is bordered by a cottage garden planted with perennials and shrubs found in English and more informal gardens. The one-half acre garden has an entryway pergola with vines, a knot garden, a sitting area, a developing sensory garden, and several hundred perennials. In the spring, this garden is adorned with tulips, daffodils and other spring blooming flowers.


    Water-wise Perennial Garden

    This garden was planted in the spring of 2008 and features perennials that thrive in low water and still look spectacular throughout the summer. This bed inspires visitors with ideas on how to plant a truly colorful and splendid garden that provides season long color and still helps to conserve water, one of our greatest natural resources.


    Rose Garden

    One of the most popular areas of the Ogden Botanical Center is the large rose garden. There are over 250 roses, representing over 50 different varieties. New roses are introduced each year allowing visitors to see and smell roses they may want to use in their own yards. Many weddings each year are performed in the rose garden or next to it in the gazebo and amphitheater.


    Other Facilities

    Arboretum and Memorial Grove

    Raised Bed Gardens

    Power-line Demonstration Garden

    Large Lawn for playing, weddings, or relaxing

    Large Outdoor Pavilions

    Smaller Breakout Shelters

    Picnic/Grilling Areas

    Large Amphitheater