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    Adopt a Tree at OBG

    Often families or individuals are looking for an enduring reminder of a loved one who has passed away, or a way to honor someone special in their lives. The Ogden Botanical Gardens offers an opportunity for anyone to adopt-a-tree in that persons name and label it with a special plaque. Participation in the Adopt-A-Tree program not only provides a lasting reminder of significant individuals in our lives, but it enhances the quality of the Gardens. 

    To Adopt-A-Tree

    1. Make An Appointment

    Please contact us at 801-399-8080 to set up a time to walk through the Ogden Botanical Gardens to select a tree, and complete an Adopt-A-Tree agreement form.

    2. Pay the Participant Fee: $500 payable to Ogden Botanical Gardens

    This fee must be paid in advance to the garden manager and paperwork filled out before ordering a plaque with Nova Color (This is separate from the cost of the plaque).

    3. Arrange for and Purchase a Plaque

    Plaques for the Ogden Botanical Gardens Adopt-A-Tree are prepared at Nova Color Inc. in Ogden, to required specifications (see below), and paid for by the participant.

    Plaque Specifications

    • 5 x 7 inch pale bronze background with dark brown detail
    • 24-inch post
    • Include the following:
      • Latin Name of Tree
      • Tree Name
      • Picture of Tree Leaf (if available)
      • Name of person
      • Personal Message

    Nova Color Inc.

    2641 Industrial Drive
    Ogden, UT 84401

    4. Deliver Plaque to Ogden Botanical Gardens Staff for Installation