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    1750 Monroe Blvd, Ogden, UT 84401

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    Whether it’s to stop and smell the roses, participate in a gardening class, or simply stroll the garden paths, the Ogden Botanical Gardens provide the perfect place to find peace and tranquility amidst an urban setting. Enjoy the beauty of this 11-acre garden that features many different garden styles, an arboretum, and picnic areas.

    Airal of OBG


    Accessibility Garden

    This garden is a beautiful segue allowing everyone access to the Ogden River Parkway Trail. The garden features large metal planters with stunning contrasts of color, texture, and shapes. From the tropical looking hibiscus flowers to the globe blue spruce, this garden is enjoyed by thousands of visitors each year. 


    Collections Garden

    The collections garden is home to a lovely display of iris in the spring, along with peony and other seasonal perennials. This is a wonderful place to get ideas for your own garden and see plants at their mature size, understand their growth habits, and get companion planting suggestions.


    Conifer Collection

    In this unique area known as the outdoor classroom you will find a collection of cone-bearing evergreens known as conifers. There are many specimen plants found here but the Columnar Scots Pine and the Arizona Cypress are two that really stand out.


    Cottage Garden

    This one-half acre garden has an entryway pergola with vines, roses, trees, and shrubs. There are sitting areas enveloped by dense plantings of fragrant perennials in an informal design bursting with color for every season. It features a dry riverbed that meanders through the garden with shade and serenity around each bend.

     Cottage Garden

    Edible Garden

    In the Edible Garden you will find a nice variety of vegetables, herbs, and fruits. There is a cover crop of strawberries under the espalier apple trees that are pruned to demonstrate gardening for small spaces. The trellis is used for vertical growing and the grape arbor features juicing and table grapes.

     Edible Garden

    Asian Garden

    An Asian Garden adorns the east side of the Education Building. It is a very popular place to take wedding and family pictures. In this garden you will find an attractive wooden bridge that crosses a dry riverbed and leads to a garden of ground covers, Japanese maples, and a flowering cherry tree. A pagoda, floating wooden walkways, and a tea hut are also found in this small garden.


    Pollinator Garden

    The Pollinator Garden is located adjacent to the Edible Garden in order to demonstrate the symbiotic relationship between plants, beneficial insects, and the importance of attracting pollinators into the garden. The low water use design in this garden implements natural groupings that not only provide year-round food for the pollinators, but interest for garden visitors. Pathways connect the four habitats for birds, bees, butterflies, and beneficial insects.

     Pollinator Garden

    Powerline Arboretum

    This tree collection was funded in part by Rocky Mountain Power and Eagle Scouts aided in planting the area to showcase trees that are appropriate to plant under power lines. The right tree for the right space is never more important than it is in this situation. Trees planted under power lines should never reach a mature height of more than 25 feet..


    Rose Garden

    One of the most popular areas of the Ogden Botanical Gardens is the large rose garden. There are over 300 roses, representing over 50 different varieties. New roses are introduced each year allowing visitors to see and smell roses they may want to plant in their own yards. In late June when all the roses are in full bloom it is truly spectacular. Many weddings are performed each year in the gazebo located next to the rose garden.

     Rose Garden Arial

    Trough Garden

    Hypertufa troughs are the featured item in this garden. Hand-made troughs filled with compact, low-growing plants combine creativity and earthen texture in this unique garden.


    Water Conservation Garden

    In partnership with Ogden City this beautiful terraced garden was developed to teach the public how to be responsible water users with regard to home landscapes. It is set up by hydro zones according to the water needs of the plants. Zone 1 represents plants with moderate water needs, while Zone 2 is planted with lower water use vegetation in mind, and Zone 3 plants need only the water that nature provides. It is a great learning tool and lovely to visit. There are also Rocky Mountain Maples and flowering plums on the hillside.

     Water Conservation

    Water-wise Perennial Garden

    This garden was planted in the spring of 2008 and features perennials that thrive in low water and still look spectacular throughout the summer. This bed inspires visitors with ideas on how to plant a splendid garden that provides season long color and still helps to conserve water, one of our greatest natural resources.

     purple, blue and yellow perennial flowers

    Other Facilities


    Large lawn for playing or relaxing (no overnight camping allowed)

    Large and small outdoor pavilions 

    Smaller breakout shelters

    Picnic/Grilling areas

    Large Amphitheater

    Restrooms (located behind large pavilion)